About Financially Free Seminars

Do you ever wonder what happens to all your money or why you can’t get along with what you make? If you do, you are like most Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck without stopping to think about their future. Bob Blayter founded the Financially Free Seminars to help people understand and apply sound principles for managing their money.

This is what we do

This step-by-step workshop is designed to show participants the necessary steps to set up a budget that works. All you need to know is how to add or subtract.

You will learn:

  1. To track your expenses in a fast, easy manner.
  2. To eliminate debt without consolidating or getting any extra money.
  3. To cut your expenses, without changing your standard of living.
  4. To set up a real budget before you leave!

Host a Seminar

Bob Blayter is available to come to your church or place of business to do a seminar for your congregation or employees.


Call or email Bob for further details.